Enjoy our highest quality services based on our rich understanding of hotel management accumulated over many years.
Begin your very own journey right here, right now, at the Parnas Hotel Jeju.

Parnas Hotel Jeju

Beautiful gateways to the ocean - Jungmun, Seogwipo.
This is where Parnas Hotel Jeju welcomes you to the start of your journey.
Feel the gentle breeze caressing your cheeks and you will know you have found your tranquil place at last.

You gaze out to the sparkling waves and find yourself elated with joy - joy that was long forgotten amid the hustle and bustle of life.
Feel an overwhelming wash of emotions as you gaze out to the timeless view of the golden sunset melting into the sea.

The wind, the sea and the sky.
Bask in the ethereal natural environment that entices your senses - a luxurious gift from the Parnas Hotel Jeju just for you.
Surrender yourself to the alluring journey that awaits at the Parnas Hotel Jeju, a place where you can find serenity and sparkle.

Brand Core Values


Feel a deep calm
enveloped in contemporary ambiance


Treat yourself to the most exquisite,
compelling experiences


We create unforgettable memories
that stir up feelings of elation.


A specially formulated scent greets you
at the Parnas Hotel Jeju entrance.
Top notes of bergamot and mint, and the middle note
of clary sage bring stability to your travels.

A harmony of amber, musk, and teak
that forms the base notes gently guides you
to the nature of Jeju through your olfactory senses.



Unwind and rest in the comfort of Jeju’s embrace.
Feel the soothing, pristine natural environment of Jeju
that is summoned into the space and hotel facilities.


Taste all the flavors of Jeju, made with fresh,
locally sourced ingredients prepared by the hotel chefs.
Indulge in the delectable gustatory delights at the PARNAS
beside Jeju’s cerulean ocean.


See the sky seamlessly blend into the sea.
Be at one with nature in the infinity pool enclosed between the sky and the sea.


PARNAS Hotel Jeju offers amenities and classy services for
successful events, ranging from large-scale seminars,
brand events and to small elegant parties.

A new journey that will take you to
another world beyond everyday life

Introduction to Parnas Hotel Company