Global Leading Hotel, PARNAS

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    The PARNAS

    The name 'PARNAS' comes from 'Parnassus,'
    the sacred dominion of gods in Greek
    mythology, intending to provide a mystical
    and enchanting experience for customers at
    all times.

Global Leading Hotel, PARNAS

Founded in 1985 as Hanmoo Development Co., Ltd., Parnas Hotel Co., Ltd. is a leading hotel company
with over 30 years of expertise in hotel management and service know-how,
which is highlighted with the opening of InterContinental Hotel Seoul in 1988. In 2009, Han Moo Development Co., Ltd.
was renamed Parnas Hotel Co., Ltd. to redefine the company’s identity as a hotel operation company with our brand, Parnas.

Parnas constantly seeks to embrace the needed changes and innovation to respond flexibly to environmental changes
and contributes to the overall lifestyles of customers by enhancing its competitive edge in its main hotel business
while also planning new business forays. Parnas also ensures its status as a business leader by bringing change into
the lifestyles of customers. As a reliable partner sharing customers' experiences and values,
Parnas will take a new leap into becoming a general service provider that deeply contributes to the overall lifestyles of customers.


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Business Fields

PARNAS Hotel Co., Ltd.
was launched as Hanmu Development Co., Ltd.
in 1985 and has accumulated hotel management expertise and service experience for more than
30 years, establishing a foothold with InterContinental Hotel Seoul that opened in 1988.

In 2009, the company changed its name to PARNAS Hotel Co., Ltd. to establish its identity as a hotel business and build its own brand.