Find the joy of daily life that you've forgotten as you get to know the many charms of Jeju.
We hope you enjoy truly relaxing rest here in PARNAS Hotel Jeju, a place where you can eat, drink, and get new experiences without any worries.

Terreno Jeju

"Terreno" is a Spanish restaurant where Chef Carlos Shin,
the executive chef of 1-star Michelin restaurant "Terreno,"
makes his debut in Jeju. Using seasonal seafood and
local ingredients supplied from Jeju’s wonderful nature,
it presents genuine charcoal-grilled dishes of Basque
region of northern Spain, the home of gourmet.
Enjoy a romantic time while having Basque grill dishes
with the beautiful ocean of Jungmun, Jeju, as a backdrop.

  • Occupancy41 seats
  • Location3rd floor, WEST B/D
  • Hours
    Lunch Course 12:00~15:00
    Dinner Course 17:00~23:00
    ※ Last Order - Lunch 13:30 / Dinner 19:30
        A la carte 20:00~21:30
  • Inquiries+82-70-8648-0671

Vonestis Spa

VONESTICS Beauty & Spa aims for a more fundamental
skin therapy beyond just skin care, seeking to restore
the ultimate balance for your body and mind that’s
exhausted from everyday life. With priceless technique
learned by caring and healing 120,000 customers’ skin
for more than 30 years with about 280,000 hours,
it presents you with comfortable and healthy rest.
The unique spa space of about 330 ㎡, consisting of
a couple suite, couple room, and private room,
will indulge your senses and make you forget your daily life during your pleasant stay.

  • Occupancy4 rooms (6 beds / 2 beds per room)
  • Location3rd floor, WEST B/D
  • Hours10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Inquiries+82-64-805-5864


At the Korean-style shabu-shabu restaurant 'Shaburi', you can enjoy a variety of menus according to your taste, with Korean beef, Jeju pork, and fresh vegetables along with 5 different broths. Against the backdrop of the beautiful Jeju Sea spreading beyond the large windows, experience high-quality dining with your loved ones.

  • Occupancy80 seats
  • Location3rd floor, WEST B/D
  • Hours
    (Break Time 15:00 ~17:00)
    ※ Last Order - 20:50
  • Inquiries+82-64-803-0320

Irony Ivory

Irony Ivory features a variety of brunch and bakery options, ranging from appetizers to main dishes and desserts.
Its menu includes warm homemade clam chowder, fresh house salad, hearty lasagna, and ragu pasta.
Enjoy a nice change from your daily life in a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable vibe.

  • Occupancy70 seats
  • LocationWEST Building, L FL
  • Hours
    Every day of week 8:00 AM~7:00 PM
    ※ last order –6:30 PM for drinks,
    6:00 PM for meals
  • Inquiries+82-64-803-0320

Prm & Kinder

Pro-mom Kinder and Kinder Mama are premium
membership kids clubs that have combined play-style
English education and kids cafe.
Its target customers are preschoolers aged 4 to 8 and
it provides services that meet English education needs
for both parents and their children through play activities
with foreign teachers while using English.
Various English play activities and more than 100 worksheets
are developed every month to introduce new content.

  • LocationL floor, WEST B/D
  • Hours
    11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    ※ Closed every Monday
  • Inquiries+82-64-803-0174


Lifestyle Platform, GS25 Convenience store

  • LocationL floor, WEST B/D
  • Hours6:00 AM - 1:00 AM